New group/user


  • Use the function 'Delay regular activity' to make an aktivity paus for one or more weeks (for holidays etc). Function is located via the Admin-button in the activity list.
  • It is now possible to export group statistics to for example MS Excel.
  • You can show start time and date for an activity in mail subject. Activate function under section additional settings when creating/modifying an event.
  • Invited can inform that extra players/guests will attend an activity.
  • You can now create activities where the invited could not see what other invited replies.
  • Set youself as sender of activites, this will make it possible for all invited to answer the mail from and the answer will end up in your mailbox.
  • The answer page is updated with a activity-chat and a new feature letting the user mail other invited directly from within
  • We have changed company responsible for our servers and internet traffic. This will hopefully make more reliable and secure from now on.
  • Do you have problems with mail getting stuck in spam filters? Write more detailed invitation texts and use the feature sender to get rid of the problem.
  • Your group members can modify their own mail addresses at the reply page.
  • It is now possible to include pictures, files etc in your invitation mails. Up to three files can be included.
  • You can chose if you want to include user comments in the information mails. Check the show comments box while cretaing an event.
  • It is possible to modify statistics for an activity. Just press the tool-icon for a specific week at the statistic page.