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meInvite.com short introduction

Following is a short introduction to how to use meInvite.com. A basket ball team where the coach wants to schedule training pass with the team members is used as example.

A groups main page

Below is a picture showing the main page of the basket ball team. Here you administrate your team members and add new activities such as team trainings etc.

To create an activity

An activity could be a basket ball match, a dinner, an after work evening etc. To create a new activity includes writing an invitation text, decide whom to invite and to decide when the invitation should be sent out. All invitations are sent by email and/or msn/icq.

Below is a picture showing part of the page where a new activity is created.

Email, MSN or ICQ to all invited

Those invited to the activity, a basket ball team training in this case, recieves an email. Included in the mail is the invitation text plus a link to the activity homepage at Bokat.se. At the activity homepage it is possible to accept or decline the invitation as well as leaving comments.

The activity homepage

Below is a picture of the activity homepage, reached via a link in the invitation mail. At the activity homepage the invited could accept or decline the invitation as well as leave comments. All invited to the activity are listed with status and comments.

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