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  Organize activities - invitations, reminders and information by mail.  
  Internet based answer page where group members could act on invitations, leave comments and see other members answers.  
  Support for mobile phones, answer page could be reached from most present phones on the market.  
  Up to 500 members per group.  
  App for Android and iPhone.  
  Automatic invitations when regular activities such as soccer training, after work etc  
  Synchronize with calendars such as outlook, notes, google calendar etc  
  Functions for handling max and min number of participants. Cancel information is sent out automatically.  
  Set answer date on activities, no answers allowed after a specified date/time.  
  Add voting to an activity, where and what shall we eat, where to travel, who will pick up children after training etc.  
  Put a question to your group members, who will bring projector to meeting etc.  
  Possibility for participants to flag that they will bring quests.  
  Attach files such as pictures, excel-documents, schedules etc to invitations.  
  Create a scheduled activity - propose a number of occurences/places/dishes/movies etc and let your groupmembers decide which to chose.  
  Simple administation of holidays and other pauses in activities.  
  Send invitations, reminders and information by SMS. Base cost is 0,60 SEK per SMS.  
  Sort the answers of an activity by answer type, date etc.  
  Possibility to charge for activities such as parties, seminars, training camp, events etc. Transaction fee of 2% (minimum 2 SEK).  
  Get notifications to mobile or mail when someone answers an activity.  
  Set a personal picture to each of the group members. If wanted, group members may upload their own picture.  
  Collect pictures from parties, training camp, travel etc i the groups picture album.  
  Group chat and if wanted a dedicated chat for specific activities.  
  Possibility for group members to add/update their own contact information and personal picture.  
  Send hidden invitations, answer result and comments only available for group administrator.  
  Statistics - who attended which traing during last season. The statistics could be exported to fro example MS Excel.  
  Use categories for easy administration of your group members.  
  Members registry with possibility to export to excel.  
  Support Base with answer via mail.  
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  With you can easily administrate meetings, activities, football trainings etc. It is easy to write, edit and send out invitations, participant information and reminders via mail and/or SMS.

  It is also possible to leave comments. The internet page gives you and all invited a unique participation overview. To the base functionality lots of features are added in order to simplify for you as organizer.

  All new users of start with level Base that is totally free. Bronze include all functionality needed to organize events. has over 500.000 users divided into 35.000 groups.